Ebay & Online Consignment faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sets the prices?

The ‘right’ start price for an auction is a big part of achieving the best sales result possible! We’ll appraise all items for you and suggest the starting prices for the auctions. However, as these are your items and your auctions, it’s very much your decision on what prices to ultimately go with. We are just here to offer you our expert opinion.

When your item is up and your auction is active, you will receive a direct link to the auction site.

When do I get paid?

Once we receive payment for the item (and the return policy period has closed) and the item has shipped we will mail you a check with in 1 to 3 business days.


How much does it cost?

Generally our fee is 25% from the final sales price+shipping cost (this fee does not include Ebay fee, PayPal fee & shipping cost), for our fee breakdown please review our “How Does It Work” Page


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