San Diego online & Ebay Consignment, What Sells?

what sells

What can we sell?

We Sell It will list items like the following: Electronics, fashion items, jewelry, and much much more. (minimum of $100 per item value and total weight of less than 80lbs)

Pickup or Drop off – It’s your choice!

We can pick up your stuff for FREE ( estimated $250 minimum item value). If the minimum total value is not met a $25 pickup fee is required.

Ebay Auctions

Ebay, the world’s largest online marketplace, has millions of registered members.

We Sell It SD will help you sell items in thousands of categories.

The following are few examples high value items that are recommend for an auction:

  • Antiques, toys and collectibles
  • Designer clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Electronics (computers, mp3 players, etc.)
  • Digital & Vintage Cameras & equipment
  • Event Tickets – Sports, Concerts, etc.
  • Designer jewelry and watches
  • Entertainment memorabilia
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports equipment and memorabilia
  • Car & motorcycle parts and accessories

* Always try to find your item’s original packaging, accessories, manuals, and receipt. Technically anything that you think can sell with the item, as these things will help to bring up the value of what is being sold.

Example for items we will not sell

  • big heavy items with low value
  • old, not collectable items
  • very dirty/damaged items
  • old, not collectible electronics
  • Adult only items
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Gift cards

Click here to review Ebay full list polices for items we can and cannot sell


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