San Diego Ebay & Online Consignment How does it work?

1)   Drop off or let us pick up your items

  • First, contact us to valuate your item/s and approve them for consignment.
  • Bring your item to us for free valuation, we will list most items valued above $100 and wight less than 80lbs. You can also email us description of your items using our contact form here.
  • We also offer a pickup service within a 20 mile radius from our store location, As well we offer on-site items evaluation, contact us for on-site service rates

2)   Watch your auction live

  • After researching & valuating the item we will take professional high quality photos, build a professional description & listing than lunch the auction on Ebay.
  • Once the auction is live, we will send you a direct link to view the auction progress from the comfort of your own home.
  • We take on the responsibility of handling any customer service request, item questions, collect the payment, and package and ship the item.

1)   Cash out your check

  • Once the auction is finalized and any applicable waiting/refund period is complete, we will mail you a check.


Rates and Sales Fees

Regular Auction Listings

Our fee is 25% from the total sales price for all items.
Other fees we will collect include a shipping fee as well as an Ebay and transaction fee (PayPal/Credit card 2.9%).
* Ebay fees vary depending on the sold item type (Ebay final value fee for most items is 10%)

The total fee covers:

  • Up to 10 professional photos of the item
  • Building of auction listings and item description
  • Packaging and shipping (postage cost not include in our 40% fee)
  • PayPal or Credit Card processing fees (transaction fee)
  • Ebay listing and sales fee

Reserve Price Auction (your item will not sell unless the bidding price hits the reserved price)

  • Reserved price listing will be charged $30 + 2% of the reserved price as nonrefundable fee and will be prepaid
  • Reserved price listing will include all services provided in our regular listing package
  • Final sale price are the same as our regular listing package


Time Frame

  1. Within 3 to 6 business days after receiving the items we will conduct a photo shoot, build the listing, and launch the auction.
  2. 7 days for the auction to run.
  3. Up to 7 days to collect payment.
  4. 14 days for the buyer to return the item (if applicable).
  5. 2 to 5 business days to process and mail a check.

Total of ~3 to ~6 weeks to receive payment for your item


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